Genealogy Paul-MacCotterMany of our guests are interested in exploring their Irish heritage so we are delighted to offer the services of our consultant genealogist Dr. Paul MacCotter, one of Ireland’s leading genealogists and medieval scholars, who offers a very specialised service. Dr. MacCotter will prepare a detailed family tree for you incorporating individual records, ancestral homestead details and property maps. Dr. MacCotter can research your heritage in advance and on arrival at Blackwater Castle will present you with your report and go through his findings with you. If you would like more details of this specialist service available at Blackwater Castle contact us or Dr. MacCotter directly at

Here are some other relevant links to assist you in researching your own genealogy:-

This is the link to the Roche clan organisation – – perhaps your own family has a clan organisation? Check the Clans of Ireland home page for a list of clans with their own structures and contact details. genealogy-research