Hawk Walks and Falconry

Where better to be dazzled by the beauty of these magnificent creatures than in a medieval setting?


Hawks, falcons, eagles and owls have long been associated with castles and a medieval way of life so we are delighted to introduce Animal Magic, a company of animal conservationists dedicated to the care of these creatures and committed to protecting and preserving Ireland’s precious wildlife heritage through education, conservation, rehabilitation and entertainment.   Animal Magic provides thrilling displays and close up contact with these fine animals in the natural woodlands and river valley of the Blackwater Castle estate and can arrange customised programmes to both guests of Blackwater Castle and visitors to the estate.

Eagle Owl at the Castle
Patrick meets Baboo – a magnificent Eagle Owl

Here is a flavour of what is on offer:-

Animal Magic Hawk Walks

The hawk walk is designed for people with an interest in the sport but without the enormous amount of time needed to take up falconry themselves.  It is sufficient to give the visitor a basic insight into falconry and to gain the experience of handling and flying a trained hawk.

We start off with a brief history of Falconry then introduce you to some of our birds and give you the opportunity to get some “hands-on” experience after which you will then proceed to fly your own hawk in the stunning grounds of Blackwater Castle.

Don’t forget to bring your camera as there are always lots of photo opportunities.

Enquiries and bookings to 087 624 3546 or 063 98 777  or rosie@animalmagic.ie.

 Falconry Display :

We can provide a static display consisting of hawks, falcons, eagles and owls, giving you and your guests the opportunity to see birds of prey at close quarters and to learn more about their lifestyles.

Our free flying demonstrations are action packed and involve high-flying, fast-moving raptors with commentary which gives an insight into the innate skill and power of these majestic and magnificent creatures.

We can even include a simulated hunting demonstration if required.

Falconry displays, either flying or static, can be tailor made to suit you, and will always be a thrilling and very memorable addition to any event be it a, medieval day, wedding parties, or a show or exhibition.

Animal Magic Workshops

Introductory 2 hour sessions

Learn how to handle and care for a wide range of animals, with an informal talk and lots of hands on. These sessions can be tailor-made, to suit your own individual requirements.

Advanced Workshops 4 hour sessions

Specialized sessions, designed for people or groups wanting to learn more than just the basics.

  • Raptors
  • Small Mammals
  • Reptiles
  • Pet Care
  • Rehabilitation of Wild Animals

These workshops are ideal for school projects, youth schemes, summer camps, evening classes or even when getting a new pet.

We also cater for special needs groups and have experience working with autistic children and adults, JCSP and VEC schemes, the Prison Service and other groups.  Contact us if you have any questions

Animal Magic Road Shows

We provide a range of wildlife and natural history road shows for libraries, schools and colleges and other organizations specifically designed to both educate and entertain any age group. Each visit can be tailored to suit specific projects, be it conservation, care, or awareness of nature.

We pride ourselves on our ability to gear our talks specially to suit any audience and we can assure you that the road show will be an experience which will be remembered for many years to come.

As with all our visits the Road Shows are very educational and interactive with lots of hands on experience, something you don’t get at the zoo, we bring Nature to life.

Ideal for

– Parties, Schools, Clubs, Summer Camps

– Scouts, Guides, Ladybirds and other groups

087 624 3546 or 063 98 777 or  rosie@animalmagic.ie




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